imggCullen Family Practice offers a combination of patient support and direct patient care to the uninsured families of Houston, Texas. A team of family experts will work with you hand in hand to achieve your personal goals while considering your most unique needs.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

Cullen Family Practice does not hold biases, discrimination or prejudice against any client or patient on the bases of race, creed, ethnicity, handicap or gender. We believe in every person’s entitlement to receive the care they deserve.

We are in a constant process of updating our services and programs to meet your ever-changing needs. Currently, you can take advantage of the following Cullen Family Practice – offered services:

Family Medicine/Routine Primary Care

Our comprehensive care coverage involves clients of all ages and sexes. Our focus is on promoting healthy living through preventive care programs that afford them protection in their day to day endeavors.

Well Woman Exam

Our Well Woman Exam provides extensive evaluation and assessment of women’s health. This will be the basis of recommendations, consultations and subsequent services necessary to attain the goal of well-being. Essentially, it consists of a breast exam, pelvic exam and an assessment for other health problems. We will require you to provide a thorough information of your current health issues and status with us so we can determine the most fitting procedures for a maximized care output.

Pre Employment/School Physicals

Are you in need of physical exam procedures for employment or for entrance to an educational institution? We can help you. Cullen Family Practice offers Pre-Employment and School Physical examinations compliant with the state and federal guidelines for screening based on the employer’s and/or school’s requirements. You can expect only to be treated with dignity and respect along the duration of your screening procedures. Our professionals are welcoming and approachable. They will guide you through the steps of the process.


Part of our preventive care services is to provide a year-round and all-around immunization service to promote the protection of every Texan community. This is inclusive of vaccine administration to both children and adults alike. This is made possible through:

  • Support Of Schools and Childcare Facilities In Enforcement Of the Immunization Laws
  • Operation Of the Vaccines For Children Program In Houston
  • Providing Vaccines Through County Health Departments
  • Operating and Maintaining the Texas State Immunization
  • Providing Immunization Information To the Public and Healthcare Professionals

Managed Care

If you are in need of professional advice, counseling and patient education, seek help from the right people at Cullen Family Practice. Our Care Management program promises to offer:

  • A liaison between our patients, area specialists to whom they have been referred for further treatment and our participating Managed Care HMO’s / PPO’s.
  • Transportation, follow-up scheduling, eligibility assistance and referrals to other agencies in the community.
  • Scheduling children for well-child exams, immunizations and prevention screenings to improve chronic diseases such as childhood asthma.

Aside from these, you can take comfort in our additional programs:

  • Hormone Therapy (Hot Flashes, Irritability, Insomnia, Decreased Libido for both sexes)
  • Geriatrics
  • House Calls
  • Minor Surgery / Laceration Repair / Minor Emergencies
  • STD Screening and Treatment
  • Family Planning
  • Anti Aging and skin care
  • Wellness and Preventive Care (Including Pap smear, EKG and lab)
  • On Site Labs (Basic Lab Services)

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